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The Secret of Roulette Popularity

Roulette has existed for over 300 years, during which time this fantastic game has not only retained its popularity but has become one of the most popular games around the world. You can't imagine a casino without roulette, and modern roulette games are not much different from the much older original version, so for some, it's almost impossible to imagine a better game. But there are other interesting table games and other games that have wheels, for example, Wheel of Fortune. So, what's so special about spinning the roulette wheel, and why does it attract gamblers from all over the globe? Well, there are many reasons for this cause, and step by step, we'll tell you why the entire gaming industry favours roulette so much.
The Secret of Roulette Popularity

Table of Contents:
The History Of Roulette And Its Evolution
Betting Options and Winning Strategies
Advantages Of Playing Roulette on Leon.bet 

The History Of Roulette And Its Evolution

Both the exact date of the roulette's creation and the name of its inventor are unfortunately not known and are very unlikely to be ever uncovered. But that is not so important, with the most widespread legend being that Blaise Pascal tried to create a perpetual motion machine, which consisted of a ball and a wheel with sections. The great scientist did not succeed in creating a perpetual motion machine, but it seems he put his hand to making a timeless game of chance. 

The first mention of roulette in its current format can be found in an 1801 novel, which mentions 38 betting sectors, black and red colours, and even a sector called zero. Back in 1842, in Germany, roulette received the classic 37 sectors, and the single zero became green. Around 1860, roulette made its way to the USA, where casino owners decided that the game was not profitable enough for them and doubled the number of “zero” sectors.

Thus, the American Roulette has two zeros, while the French version has only one. Nowadays, developers are eager to upgrade the game, and online casinos offer a variety of roulette types, but the French Roulette still remains a strong player favourite.  

You'll find roulette with a live dealer at numerous online casinos, where it will be most similar to the classic version of roulette. But you can also play online casino electronic roulette in addition to slot machines. Its greatest advantages are the speed and dynamics of the game, which is ideal for impatient players, and people who have little time for gaming. 

Generally, the roulette slot has rules as similar as possible to the classic roulette, but now the action is not controlled by a croupier but by a program that runs on a random number generator. Once you've placed your bets and confirmed your action, the software starts spinning the ball, and you don't have to wait for the betting time to run out. This is very convenient, especially for players who place the same bet and no longer have to wait five or more minutes for a round to complete.

Betting Options and Winning Strategies

The game of roulette is extremely simple, and that's a big part of its popularity. You simply pick a sector, bet on it, and either win, or you are out of luck. But different sectors can bring you different winnings, so let's look at them in detail. 

Inside bets are placed in the centre sector, where you can bet on numbers and the intersection of the lines of the playing board: this means you're betting on a few numbers, from two to six. 

Outside bets are placed, as you can easily guess, on the outer part of the playing field. There, you get lower odds than on the inside of the board, but you win more often. In this case, you can bet on colours, even or odd numbers, dozens, columns and half roulette numbers up to the 18th number inclusive and from 19th and higher. 

And of course, let's not forget about the bet on zero. Any outside bet loses if the ball lands on zero, at least in a roulette game with standard rules. 

A variety of roulette strategies have been created, and more and more emerge each year, but you should never forget that you're always at a disadvantage in the longer term unless you're a very lucky fellow. But strategies allow you to play roulette much longer, so you have a better chance of getting some winning streaks every now and then, and you will have much more fun and satisfaction from a thoughtful and analytical approach to the game. 

It should be stated up front that betting on the same numbers or multiple numbers at once is an inferior strategy because it is not a strategy at all. This tactic was used long ago when the roulette wheels could spin incorrectly and give the same numbers from time to time. Betting on your favourite number is fun, but there's no strategy involved, therefore, prepare for severe losses. 

Still, there are several strategies that work relatively well. They involve increasing/decreasing your bet when you win/lose. Unfortunately, you won't win all the time or win a lot with them, but they can certainly help you diversify your gaming rounds. Of course, the house will always win over the long haul, that's how roulette is structured. 

So, if you want to try out strategies, which is a good idea in any case, both in terms of entertainment and in terms of game analysis, here are the best-known and most tested schemes you can easily find online. 

  • Martingale
  • Anti-Martingale
  • d’Alambert
  • Anti-Dalembert
  • Fibonacci

You can apply these schemes to both electronic roulette and live-dealer games. They work on all types of roulette you can find at online casinos.   

Advantages Of Playing Roulette on Leon.bet 

Now that you know the secret of roulette and roulette strategies, you can try your luck on Leon.bet. You'll find a lot of types of roulette online, as well as plenty of live-dealer roulette wheels. And if you use Leon’s bonuses in addition to your strategies, you'll have a perfect chance to beat the casino!