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Latest Soccer Match Predictions & Statistics
All leagues
Australia,AUS - NPL, Northern NSW
Australia Queensland Pro Series
Korea Republic K4 League
Northern NSW Premier League W
GT Leagues
Premier League New South Wales W
South Korea,KOR - K-League 2
Russia Premier League
Turkey Super Lig
Cup, Women
Sunday League Premier Division
1st League, Women
2. Division
Hong Kong Third Division
NPL Western Australia, Women
Victorian State League Division 1
Taiwan Football Premier League
Premier League
Romania Superliga Women
Czech Republic. 5 Liga
Czech Republic 4 Liga
3rd League
Czech Republic,CZE - CFL
V-League 2
Premier League
Victoria Premier League Women
2nd League Group 4
Srpska Liga
Estonia Meistriliiga Women
1st Division
Finland U20 League
Estonia,EST - 2nd League
2nd League
North East African League
Kazakhstan,KAZ - Premier League
Korea Republic K3 League
Poland,POL - Liga 3, Group 2
Spain,ESP - Segunda B Promotion Playoffs
Super League
Lithuania,LTU - 2nd League
Republic of Tatarstan Championship
Vtoraya Liga
Leinster Senior League
3rd Division
4th League
2. Liga, Women
2nd League, Women
Championship, Women
U19 Serbian League
Division 2 W
Reserve League
2nd League, Group 1
2nd League, Group 2
2nd League, Group 3
Allsvenskan U19
Belarus,BLR - Pervaya Liga
League One
2nd Division, Vastra Gotaland
Super League, Women
Latvia,LVA - First League
Sweden,SWE - 2nd Division, Norra Gotaland
Sweden,SWE - 2nd Division, Norra Svealand
Norway,NOR - 3rd Division, Group 2
Derde Divisie
Ykkonen, Women
Super League, Women
England,ENG - 2nd League
Netherlands,NLD - Higher League
Higher League
Super League
Italy,ITA - Serie D, Playoffs
Cup, Women
4th League
Sweden,SWE - 2nd League
Higher League
Italy,ITA - Serie A
Poland,POL - 1st League
Czech Republic,CZE - 1st League
Poland,POL - 2nd League
Latvia,LVA - Higher League
Lithuania,LTU - Ligue A
Sweden,SWE - Allsvenskan, Women
Germany,DEU - Germany NOFV-Oberliga Nord
2nd League
Azerbaijan,AZE - Premier League
Rwanda,RWA - National League
Brazil Paulista Serie B
Mineiro Módulo II
Slovakia Liga III
Super League, Women
Mozambique Championship
U20 Campeonato Brasileiro
Campeonato Carioca C
Africa,AFR - CAF Confederation Cup
Croatia,HRV - 1st League
3rd League
Syria Second Division
South Africa,ZAF - Premier League
Zimbabwe,ZWE - Premier League
Norway,NOR - 3rd Division, Group 6
Norway,NOR - 2nd Division, Group 1
Poland Liga 1 W
Norway,NOR - 2nd Division, Group 2
Norway,NOR - 3rd Division, Group 1
3rd Division, Group 5
1st Division, Norra
Super League
First League
2. Liga
Russia,RUS - Premier League
Germany,DEU - 2nd League
Finland,FIN - Finland Kansallinen Liiga Women
Poland,POL - Championship U19
Brazil,BRA - Serie B
Scotland,SCO - Premier League
Estonia,EST - Estonia Meistriliiga
2nd Division
Argentina,ARG - Torneo Federal A
Brazil,BRA - Campeonato Brasileiro, Serie A1, Women
Portugal,PRT - 3rd Liga
Italy,ITA - Coppa Italia Serie D
Brazil,BRA - Brazil Catarinense Divisão Principal
Brazil Campeonato Paranaense 2
Reserve League
2nd League
France,FRA - National League U19
Italy,ITA - Italy Serie D Girone H
Sweden,SWE - 2nd Division, Sodra Gotaland
Finland,FIN - 3rd League, Group A
Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro A3 W
Poland,POL - Liga 3, Group 1
Sweden,SWE - 1st Division, Södra
Bolivia Liga Nacional B
Sweden,SWE - 2nd Division, Sodra Svealand
Argentina,ARG - Argentina Campeonato Femenino
Luxembourg,LUX - Division Nationale
Spain,ESP - 2nd League
Portugal,PRT - 2nd League
Austria,AUT - Austria Regionalliga Vorarlberg
Cameroon Football League Women
Poland,POL - Poland Ekstraliga Women
Austria,AUT - Bundesliga
Argentina,ARG - Primera B Nacional
Czech Republic,CZE - 2nd League
Tercera Division RFEF
Bosnia & Herzegovina,BIH - Premier League
Georgia,GEO - Higher League
Serbia,SRB - Super League
Ethiopia,ETH - Premier League
Uzbekistan,UZB - Super League
Ghana,GHA - Premier League
Chile Primera Division Women
Austria amateur Cup
Tunisia,TUN - Cup
Poland,POL - 3rd League, Group 4
Czech Republic,CZE - Czech Republic CFL Group B
3rd League, Group C
Finland Kakkonen Group B
Albania,ALB - Division 1
Andorra,AND - Copa Constitucio
Colombia Championship U19
Uruguay,URY - Uruguay Segunda División
Hungary,HUN - Higher League
England,ENG - Premier League
Serbia,SRB - Prva Liga
Peru,PER - Peru Championship W
Slovenia,SVN - 1st League
Hungary,HUN - 2nd League
Belarus,BLR - Cup
Cyprus,CYP - 1st Division
Russia,RUS - Women Premier Liga
Sweden Women Elitettan
1st Division
Poland,POL - Liga 3, Group 3
Ligue 1
Premier League
Kuwait,KWT - Premier League
Belgium,BEL - Higher League
Chile,CHL - Primera B
Spain,ESP - Primera
Iceland,ISL - Higher League
Argentina,ARG - Super League
League Cup
2. Liga
2. Liga
Liga Nacional, Women
Bulgaria,BGR - Higher League
Romania,ROU - Higher League
Ecuador,ECU - Serie A
Peru,PER - Primera
Brazil, Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A2, Women
Brazil,BRA - Brazil Serie D
Brazil,BRA - Carioca 2
Brazil,BRA - Gaucho A2
World,WLD - U20 World Cup
Brazil,BRA - Brazil Campeonato Paulista U20
Brazil,BRA - Baiano - Série B
2. Liga
Gaucho U20
Argentina,ARG - Primera D
Argentina,ARG - Primera C
Uruguay Championship Women
Cup U20
Brazil,BRA - Serie A
USA,USA - Major League Soccer
Chile Segunda División
North America,NPS - CONCACAF Women U20
Brazil,BRA - Brazil Serie C
Paraguay,PRY - Primera
Trinidad and Tobago,TTO - T & T Pro League
Chile Tercera Division
Championship W
Peru,PER - Segunda Division
USA,USA - National Womens Soccer League
Colombia,COL - Primera B
Canada,CAN - Canada Premier League
Premier League
Bolivia,BOL - Premier League
USA,USA - USL, Championship
Honduras,HND - Honduras Liga Nacional de Fútbol
Colombia,COL - Primera A
Costa Rica,CRI - Primera
USL, League Two
Mexico,MEX - Higher League
K-League 1 Srl
South Korea,KOR - K-League 1
Premier League
Czech Republic,CZE - U19 1st Division
Norway,NOR - 3rd Division, Group 3
Denmark,DNK - Danmarksserien - Promotion/Relegation
China,CHN - Super League
Denmark,DNK - Super League
Ukraine,UKR - Premier League
Norway,NOR - 3rd Division, Group 4
Germany,DEU - 2. Liga, Women
Faroe Islands League Women
Norway,NOR - 1st Division
Iceland Championship U19
Primera Division Reserve League
Premier League
England,ENG - 1st League
Faroe Islands,FRO - Premier League
Switzerland,CHE - Super League
Norway,NOR - Higher League
Algeria U21 League
1 Lyga
Egypt,EGY - Premier League
Hungary,HUN - NB I, Women
Premier League
Cup, Women
Saudi Arabia,SAU - 1st Division
Italy,ITA - Serie B
U20 Goiano
Morocco,MAR - Higher League
Colombia,COL - Primera A, Women
Jamaica,JAM - Premier League
Brazil,BRA - Campeonato Amapaense
Mexico,MEX - Higher League, Women
Turkey,TUR - Super League
Japan,JPN - 1st Division
Sweden,SWE - Superettan
Saudi Professional League
Europe,EUR - UEFA Europa League
Brazil,BRA - Cup

Soccer predictions for today

Football or Soccer - rightfully called the king of sports. It accounts for the biggest share of online bets and, accordingly, losses. It's not enough to love football - you need to know all its subtleties and be able to analyze them correctly. This is what our sports experts do in their predictions for football.

The Soccer match predictions are based on mathematical statistics that match instances of the game with the probability of X or Y team's success. The probability is calculated on the basis of the recent results for two teams, injuries, pressure to win, etc. The Match Predictions are evaluated by placing bets on the favourite team (X) and comparing the results with those obtained by placing bets on other soccer teams (Y). Based on these results, changes are made to the mathematical formulas that produce even more accurate predictions. As data increases, it can also be used for detecting other anomalies in football games.

Soccer predictions from the bookmaker

Today, almost every football fan believes that they are well versed in their favorite sport. But when it comes to football betting, only a few are actually correct. It is not enough to rely on your own intuition to predict the outcome of a match. It is necessary to take into consideration a number of factors affecting the outcome of the game, open statistics and be able to interpret them correctly.

Football predictions from professionals is what you should rely on if you want to save time and make a thoughtful and balanced bet. Our experts monitor both the statistics and the bookmaker's sportline, so they will not only provide you with the most accurate forecast analysis, but also point out the best odds for betting on a particular football match.

Free soccer predictions

We want everyone to have free access to our content, so we publish football predictions absolutely free of charge. For this reason, we will never offer you to buy predictions for today's matches.