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Boxing betting for beginners

What are the benefits of betting on boxing? How to bet on boxing for beginners? The answers are in our article!
Boxing betting for beginners

Boxing is one of the most spectacular and interesting individual sports in the world. A match in professional boxing is capable of gathering millions of television audiences and causing a huge stir even among those who do not follow boxing constantly. In amateur boxing, the situation is the same, but on a smaller scale, and bookmakers are usually reluctant to include amateur boxing in the line - there is a high risk of underestimating the strength of fighters.

The most important championship fights in boxing are held infrequently, but they provide the widest list of wagers. For bettors and bookmakers, meetings of the usual ordinary status are not of great interest, therefore, bookmakers are limited to the standard line for the outcome of the match and in rare cases set the total rounds without a wide amplitude.

What are the benefits of betting on boxing?

Lack of a large number of clear favorites. Due to this, the odds are relatively high, and it is possible to multiply the winnings on your bet, even just betting on the outcome of the match.

Boxing is easier to analyze than any other sport. It is enough to have complete information about the athlete's physical condition, his preparation for the fight and his career record - this helps to develop a betting strategy and decide on a favorite.

How can a beginner make his first boxing bet?

✅First, decide on a betting limit and never play all-in. It is best to use a fixed denomination for each bet.

✅Secondly, be sure to analyze the qualifications of the players and their experience in order to determine a favorite for yourself.

✅Thirdly, be sure to pay attention to the coefficients and their movement. If the trend is confidently going in the direction you have chosen, it means that professional bettors are making the same choice.

Boxing betting strategies

There are no definite and universal betting strategies for boxing, but there are some well-known techniques applicable to boxing that are used in other sports. Here is two of them: 

Waiting (to win)

Analyze the matches and choose one in which the outsider has a good chance of winning in your opinion. For example, he appears to be in good shape for the fight, or has several wins against high-ranking opponents, or his opponent has just returned from injury.

How to work with a strategy? Bet on the underdog to win in the second round. If the bet does not win, bet on the outsider's victory in the third round, increasing the bet size by the original bet amount.

Bet on catch-up

The strategy involves increasing the par value of the bet after each loss. Each next bet after a win should cover all previous losses, and after the bet has passed, the cycle should be started again - from the initial bet size.
The disadvantage of this strategy is that it only works within the framework of one fight. It will not work out, because it will take a long time to wait for the next one.

How does catch-up work? Imagine you have a bank of $3,000. Start with a minimum bet of $20 so that you don't lose the entire amount when you hit a series of minuses. 20+40+80+160+320+640+1280 = 2540. In this case, the bettor has six chances to make a mistake, and in case of previous failures, it is important to win with the seventh bet in order to cover losses and not drain the entire bank.

Whatever strategy you choose, never bet more than you have allocated for a particular match and do not neglect to analyze your bets after the match ends in order to sort out mistakes and not repeat them in the future. Follow our Instagram to see updates about most interesting events in boxing and another sports

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