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Hungary - Israel 12 June 2024 prediction T20 World Cup Sub Regional Europe Qualifier A


Get prepared for an thrilling showdown between Hungary and their opponents, Israel, in the pulse-pounding competition known as T20 World Cup Sub Regional Europe Qualifier A. Fans of cricket around the world are impatiently awaiting this long-awaited face-off as both squads demonstrate their talents and strategies on the lush field.

The two teams have been putting in their best exertions to secure a victory, and fans from around the world are impatiently looking forward to witnessing which team will triumph.

As the tension escalates, enthusiasts of cricket and sports enthusiasts equally are diligently examining the advantages and vulnerabilities of the two competing sides. With athletes performing at their peak condition and a history of intense competitions between these contrasting teams, this contest assures to be a tense struggle from start to end.

The squads will aim to secure triumph and try to outdo one another, competing for the bragging rights to be called champions. The entire world of cricket will closely monitor as these two fierce opponents go head to head.

The match is slated to commence on at , and fans can look forward to a captivating showcase of cricketing proficiency. Don't miss out on this tremendously awaited clash that is guaranteed to hold you on the edge.

Do not overlook the action and excitement as these opposing sides compete for dominance in the realm of cricket! Stay engaged for an memorable display of cricketing splendour on Leon and check for live updates on the match page.

Squads of both teams

Hungary: Abbas Ghani, Ali Farasat, Ali Hassan, Amal Jacob, Harsh Mandhyan, Kamran Wahid, Mark Fontaine, Muhammad Burhan, Sheikh Rasik, Abhishek Ahuja, Vinoth Ravindran, Abhijeet Ahuja, Adam Gall, Danyal Akbar, Sandeep Mohandas

Israel: Aviel Warsulkar, Elan Talker, Josh Evans, Niv Nagavkar, Shailesh Bangera, Tomer Kahamker, Virendra Kumar, Yair Nagavkar, Yogev Nagavkar, Sithira Siriwardhana, Eshkol Solomon, Eyal Bhonkar, Warna Kumara, Yarden Divekar

Previous games

Win rate

Will "Hungary" beat "Israel"?

"Hungary" has a very low chance of having the victory. The score is based on the results of recent matches and odds of the bookmaker.

Will "Israel" outmuscle "Hungary"?

"Israel" has a very low chance to succeed. The score is based on the meeting statistics and odds of the bookmaker.
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Go Hungary!✊
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Cheering for Israel all the way!📣
Go for it Israel!
You're losers Hungary 😝
Israel sucks 🍭
The game's gonna be hot!🔥
I'm rooting for Hungary
I'm rooting for Israel
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