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Goiás EC

Brazil Serie B Soccer Match Prediction: Goiás EC vs Coritiba, June 16 2024

Tonight's highly anticipated clash between two formidable Serie B teams is sure to be a thrilling affair. With both Goiás EC and Coritiba eager to secure a victory, this match is bound to be an electrifying display of skill and determination.

Statistically speaking, these two sides have been evenly matched in the past, with their head-to-head record standing at an impressive 9 draws, 9 wins for the first competitor, and 9 wins for the second competitor. This goes to show that neither team will be willing to give an inch in this crucial encounter.

Goiás EC has shown moments of brilliance in their recent matches, with convincing victories over strong opponents such as Recife PE and Botafogo San Paulo. However, they have also faced disappointing losses against Mirassol and Avai. As they head into this fixture, Goiás EC will undoubtedly be looking to build on their recent successes and put on a commanding performance.

On the other hand, Coritiba has also displayed strong form in their most recent outings, with notable wins against Ituano and Operario. Their draw against Novorizontino highlights the resilience of this side, while the narrow loss to Ceara serves as motivation for them to bounce back with a strong showing in this upcoming match.

As the stage is set for these two titans of Brazilian soccer to face off once again, fans can expect nothing short of an enthralling contest filled with end-to-end action and exhilarating goal-scoring opportunities.

With both teams hungry for success and eager to make their mark on the league standings, this match promises to be a captivating spectacle that will keep spectators on the edge of their seats throughout.

The rivalry between Goiás EC and Coritiba runs deep, and every encounter between these two sides is met with intense anticipation and excitement. Supporters of both teams can expect a fiercely competitive showdown that will showcase the very best that Serie B has to offer.

So mark your calendars for June 16th, 2024 as Goiás EC takes on Coritiba in what is sure to be a pulsating display of skill, strategy, and raw determination. Don't miss out on what promises to be a truly unforgettable soccer showdown!

Bettors choice 👇

The prediction consists of real statistics of our clients based on past wagers before the beginning of the match. The bookie's clients are wagering on the following bets on the event Goiás EC – Coritiba:
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Will "Goiás EC" defeat "Coritiba"?

"Goiás EC" has a low chance to win. The score is based on the results of recent matches and odds of the bookmaker.

Will "Coritiba" outbattle "Goiás EC"?

"Coritiba" has a very low chance of winning the victory. The score is based on the meeting statistics and odds of the bookmaker.

Bets and odds on 1X2 for the match "Goiás EC" – "Coritiba"

The odds on "Goiás EC" winning are 4.28, the odds on "Coritiba" winning are 9.4, and the odds of a draw are 1.3.

What are the odds on "Goiás EC" winning?

In the game "Goiás EC" vs "Coritiba", which will take place on 16 June 2024, the bookmaker offers the following odds on "Goiás EC" winning: 4.28.

What are the odds on "Coritiba" winning?

In the game "Coritiba" vs "Goiás EC", which will take place on 16 June 2024, the bookmaker offers the following odds on "Coritiba" winning: 9.4 .

What are the odds of a draw in the match "Goiás EC" vs "Coritiba ?

The odds of a draw in the match "Goiás EC" vs "Coritiba", which will take place on 16 June 2024, are currently equal to 1.3.
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