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5 Casino Games for Beginners That Are Easy to Play and Win

When you first visit a casino, you are simply amazed by the selection of eye-catching and colourful games. You want to try all the available entertainment, but a new player might feel lost when they see such a great abundance of games, and so they might end up losing money playing an unfamiliar game and missing out on some crucial information. But among all the most popular games, some do not require any outstanding knowledge or skills and are very easy to learn as well as easy to play, so we will tell you about them next.
5 Casino Games for Beginners That Are Easy to Play and Win

Table of Contents:
Wheel of Fortune
Video poker


Slot machines have always been considered the easiest game type, but any such machine is still a great game to win some money and have a good time. It is simple and intuitive: when playing slot machines, you set the price per spin, spin the reel, and that is all you have to know.

So, the first thing you should do is try your luck at these great games before you go any further. The chance of winning in these games is usually above 90%, so video slots are the best games that allow one to win real money.

In a conventional casino, you can find dozens of different video slots, but that doesn't compare to the huge variety of online slots that are created daily for online casinos around the world. This number of slots is so big that you simply will not have enough time to try them all. 


Roulette has been thrilling players for centuries, and it is the most straightforward table game. Players have a lot of betting options: they can bet on the exact number of the sector in which the ball might fall, on the colour of the sector, or whether the winning number will be even or odd. Payouts depend on the chosen type of the bet and the particular game variant.

So, when you decide to spin the roulette wheel for the first time, your main goal is to choose the best table. The best roulette table is the one that uses French rules. However, such tables are not available at all casinos, so the second-best option is European Roulette.

Then, there is also American Roulette, the version in which there is one more sector. But if you see a roulette table with a wheel that has more than 37 sectors, do not rush to take your seat at it, since the French wheel offers you the smallest house advantage ratio, after which there is the European one and so the American type only takes the third place. So keep that in mind if you stick to the regular real money betting options.

We recommend you to start with the easiest bets, which are red or black sector bets, and from there, it's very simple to get the hang of this easy game on your own. 

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a classic gambling activity well-known around the world. Most of the time, spinning the wheel is a more relaxing part of a big game session, between more difficult games.

The wheel is divided into segments, each featuring a symbol. When you press the spin button, the wheel spins. When it stops, the pointer at the top will indicate the winning sector. If the bet was made correctly, the player wins.

The number on the sector just indicates the ratio with which the winning will be calculated. For example, 5 means the winning ratio of 5:1, thus, for each chip put, the player is getting 5 more chips. Besides, it should be noted that it is possible to spin the Wheel of Fortune for money with a live dealer. 

Video poker

While roulette and slot machines are the top games among newcomers, regulars more often choose video poker and table games. What is so interesting in video poker, and why is it so simple?

The screen of the machine displays a table of payouts for combinations, as well as a playing field of 5 cards. You need to fix the right cards and then exchange them, forming a winning combination. The essence of the game is very similar to that of standard poker, but with no other players and no dealer.

The hand payouts will also depend on the chosen variant of the game. In most such games, the full house/flush odds displayed at the front plan of the screen are the main indicator of the slot machine payout percentage, so choose the machine that you think has the best payout.

The advantage of video poker is that the winnings depend on one's skills. So, with experience, you'll win more often.


Blackjack is a well-known card game, a real classic with simple rules, in which each plays individually against the dealer. The game features at least one deck of 52 cards (there might be more!).

Blackjack is considered the most well-known casino game to play for real money. The goal of the game of Blackjack is to beat the dealer. Thus, there are three main possible outcomes:

◆ To score more points than the dealer, but not more than 21 points; if the player scores more than 21 points, this situation is called a bust, and the dealer is considered to be the winning player, regardless of their hand.

◆ To allow the dealer to gain more than 21 points without allowing an overcount in your hand; if the player didn't take any more cards and scored 21 points or less in total, and the dealer scored more than 21 points, the player wins.

◆ If both the dealer and the player scored an equal number of points and neither of them had collected a combination of Blackjack, a draw occurs, and the player receives their bet back.

By understanding the basic arithmetic of the round, the gambler can easily figure out when and how to act. An additional hint to an inexperienced beginner will be the blackjack table, which shows the recommended and undesirable actions.


So, you have received the information and the basic rules about the easiest casino games, which are:

  • Video Slots
  • Roulette
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Video poker
  • Blackjack
You can start with the game, which suits your heart, and gradually get acquainted with the rest of the proposed options, which are great for any novice gambler. We wish you an easy game and good luck!