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Which Online Slots Payout The Mos

With a lot of video slot options available, it can be a difficult task for players to determine which slots are worth playing and which are not. Even small online casinos offer thousands of different titles, which doesn't help to narrow down your search. When selecting slots for the next time, players, of course, try to find slots that will bring them a big win. They are usually guided by their own beliefs without taking into account the rest of the information. But nowadays, there is enough information available, so that you don't have to choose a machine by its appearance. Instead, you can make a choice with confidence, according to the necessary criteria.
Which Online Slots Payout The Mos

Table of Contents:
RTP and Volatility 
Try to Catch the Huge Jackpot
Payout Ratios
Know Your Slot

RTP and Volatility 

RTP (return to player) is a metric representing how much investment the player should get back based on a given cycle time. In reality, when you choose a slot, you do not know who has played it before you, for how long, and what winning combinations have been given out.

This figure is somewhat arbitrary, but it is worth paying attention to when searching for the machine with the highest payout. The higher the RTP, the better it is for you: search for slot machines with the highest RTP, or, as some put it, the highest payout percentages (starting from at least 92). These high RTP slots also have a minimal casino house edge.

However, the RTP is only a theoretical indicator, and it is wrong to focus only on it when choosing a slot, although, once again, the higher the RTP, the more generous the slot machine is. You always have a chance of getting into the black in a short-term game, as well as hitting a series of lucky spins.

Even though the RTP can be very similar or even the same for two different slot machines, you will find that some online casino games payout more seldom but with larger amounts, while others payout smaller winnings, yet often. Now off to the next important figure!

The next parameter is volatility, which regulates the dynamics of the game. If a slot has low dispersion, you'll win little money but more frequently. There is a chance of pulling off a big score with high volatility, but before you do, you may have to invest a decent amount of money in this slot.

Manufacturers usually do not indicate this parameter in video slot specifications, so players calculate the dispersion ratio of the slot by guesswork. Most of the time, this value coincides with the slot’s volatility rate. And still, by studying the description, you can determine the balance between the frequency and the amount of winnings.

By choosing slots with high variance, you stand a good chance of getting a big payout, and even a small bet will theoretically bring you a five-figure sum.

But not all high dispersion slots have prize features, and if they do, you will not get them too often, to put it mildly. Keep in mind that these machines are not suitable for wagering because, without bonus games, it is often quite challenging to meet wagering requirements timely. 

Here are the main sources of information on high-variance video slots to look for: 

  • Players' reviews
  • Forums about slots
  • Ratings of slot machines in articles and user reviews 

Try to Catch the Huge Jackpot

In a cumulative jackpot slot, a counter at the top of the playing field shows which prize is currently obtainable. The jackpot size keeps growing in real time, and its amount depends on how active and involved all players are since a small percentage goes to the jackpot from each bet made. This percentage will go to the luckiest player, after which the counter will be reset and will start counting again. 

The fixed jackpot is set by the provider, and its amount cannot change. Furthermore, certain conditions must be met in order to gain a win: you must have certain symbols, reach the super game, etc. Typically, such jackpots are won by the players who play at the highest stakes. 

In progressive jackpot slots, the prize pool is formed from players' bets and sometimes can reach hilarious sizes. Local jackpots are usually much smaller, but even such cash prizes can be life-changing. Still, when choosing a slot with a large payout, it is better to opt for one with a progressive big jackpot. 

Payout Ratios

The first thing a player who opens a new slot should pay attention to is the payout table. It indicates the odds by which the line bet will be multiplied if the player gets a combination of the specified symbols.

This will tell you the maximum amount you can get from such a machine and help you estimate the level of dispersion. By choosing a slot with high odds, you also get a chance to make a big score: x5,000 and higher is considered a quite big multiplier. 

Know Your Slot

Always familiarise yourself with the way a slot machine works. Firstly, check how the bonus rounds operate, what scatters and wilds are present and what they can give you.

The better you understand what happens on the screen, the more profitable it is for you. If you start playing a new slot for the very first time, you can end up losing money without realising it. 

Never refuse to spend some time trying to play slots of your choice in demo mode. All good slots have such a training mode, which allows you to learn how to play using virtual money.

Usually, slot machines behave the same way in demo mode as they do in the real game. This allows the player to get a closer look at the slot, understand the likelihood of winning and develop a strategy without spending extra money. 


Try to find a good slot with a high RTP and medium-high volatility. A good example would be the famous Mega Moolah slot with an RTP above 88.00%, which isn't very high, but the machine has high volatility and offers one the opportunity to win a huge progressive jackpot.