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Why Are Sites for Casino Games So Generous? And Are They?

If you approach this question without any proper knowledge or understanding of the matter, you will get the impression that the main goal of all online casinos is to make you rich and successful. On every advertising banner, you can find great bonus offers ranging from +300% to your deposit to the so-called no deposit bonuses, which are considered the most lucrative ones. So, these would be excellent offers if we lived in an exceptionally fair world. But in reality, the only free cheese is in the mousetrap. Bonuses and casino offers may be tempting, but there's a lot of fraud going on on such sites. Now, let's find out how generous casino gambling sites really are, which ones you can trust, and what kind of tricks can be used against you. And remember, there are many different kinds of casinos, not all of which are trying to scam you. But to gamble safely online, you should be aware of all possible traps and pitfalls.
Why Are Sites for Casino Games So Generous? And Are They?

Table of Contents:
Bonus Programmes
Casino Tricks
Advantages Of Gaming on Leon.bet

Bonus Programmes

Every online institution has a bonus programme. It is designed for newly registered users and patrons of the given online venue. You can choose from several types of the most common bonuses:

  • Casino welcome offers on first deposits. These are usually the most generous bonuses that lure new members. The best offers can give you increased deposits multiplied by several times. 
  • Reload or regular bonuses on further deposits. You can use these bonuses on a regular basis. They are usually given out once a week.
  • No deposit bonuses are issued for registration. Unfortunately, these bonuses cause many problems, as dishonest players try to get as much as possible, while shady casinos use them to lure inexperienced gamblers.

Any casino bonus has its own terms and conditions for the wager. This indicates how many times you have to wager the bonus in order to receive the promised reward. For any bonus, this figure is set individually.

For example, if you receive a bonus with a wager of 30, you have to play 30 times the credited amount and only then will you receive money from the online casino bonus. So, any bonus is not actual money but only an opportunity to get, or rather, earn an addition to your game bankroll.

If you want to analyse the bonus you want to activate, the wager is the most important thing. It must not exceed 50, and it must have a time frame in which it can be realistically wagered.

Be sure to consider both of these indicators, as a small wager with a short wagering time is not a good sign. And if you play irregularly, or for example, only on Saturdays, then you should be especially careful when choosing your casino bonus.

You should also make sure that the wagering conditions include the games you play most of the time. If you prefer table games, many casinos offer a bonus that you can wager almost forever, as the wagering percentages for such games are often lower than for slot games.

When it comes to no deposit bonuses, it's a pretty bad idea to take advantage of such bonuses these days. The fact is that reputable licensed online casinos rarely give out such bonuses to avoid dealing with bonus-hunters. That is why almost all offers of no deposit bonuses come from fraudulent online establishments that use any method to force you to register on their site and bring some jiggling cash.

If you receive such casino bonuses as a regular player at a licensed institution, it's a great bonus, but still keep a close eye on the wagering terms and conditions, as they are always way stricter for no deposit bonuses.

Casino Tricks

Crooked slot sites have all sorts of tricks to hook inexperienced players so that they can then take their money. As for bonuses, they can promise you something like +1,000% of your deposit, 5,000 free spins and provide great conditions for wagering.

Only after wagering such a bonus you will either “accidentally” lose all your money by playing rigged games, or your account will simply be banned for unknown reasons. You can find a huge number of reviews on the Internet for such situations. Then, after a month of working like this, the casino will simply disappear and reappear with a different name and design (possibly).

The same will happen with the previously mentioned no deposit bonuses. When you wager them, you will find out that you have to make a deposit to withdraw these funds. Once you do so, the administration of the dishonest casino will say goodbye to you forever.

To avoid bumping into such a casino, don't click on spam and fishy-looking links in your mail. Besides, visiting dubious sites is always a bad decision, so you need to choose a casino not on the basis of a random picture in your mail but on a number of important factors. You absolutely have to consider them, of course, unless you don't care about losing your money and then getting frustrated.

When choosing a gambling establishment, you should definitely consider the following factors:

  • A casino must have a licence, which you can check by clicking the relevant icon in the footer of the website (a casino can hold several licences at a time).
  • The older the casino, the more you can trust it. This is not a 100% guarantee, but a good sign of honesty, since it didn’t close after a short period of time.
  • There must be some technical support service with an online chat that would work 24/7.
  • It is highly advisable to find positive feedback from other players about the quality of available games and the honesty of the club.
  • Also, a good casino should have games from the best-known game providers. These developers do not give their games to suspicious sites in order to avoid problems.

Advantages Of Gaming on Leon.bet

If you don't want to check all the mentioned factors on your own, we can recommend trying casino games and casino bonuses on Leon.bet. This is a tried-and-true licensed casino that not only offers you gambling but also betting on sports, cyber sports and so on.

Here you'll find an awesome Welcome Bonus, a Reload Bonus, various promotions, tournaments, and a great loyalty program with a chance to convert your loyalty points into real cash!