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6+ Poker: rules and tips  

Meet popular live casino game - Short-Deck Poker Holdem!
6+ Poker: rules and tips  

What is 6+ Poker? This type of poker is also called Short-Deck Hold'em and is a game with an "incomplete deck" - popular live casino game♠️

The player's task is to defeat the dealer, which can be achieved by collecting the best five-card combination, which consists of two cards dealt to the player and five community cards.

Poker 6+ started gaining popularity in 2018 after it appeared in Triton Poker's high stakes cash games and was added to the tournament series schedule. It soon began to be included in other live series, and poker rooms became interested in the new format.

poker holdem, poker 6+

How to play Short-Deck Holdem Poker?

Main principles:

✅All cards under 6 are removed from the deck.

✅A flush is higher than a full house, and a straight is a combination of 6,7,8,9 and an ace.

Our table will help you navigate the combinations when placing bets. 

holden combinations, poker 6+ combinations

How to place bets in 6+ Poker? 

Firstly you need to decide what to bet on. If you are betting on winning, then you have three options: Dealer, Split or Player. As you can see, everything is very simple. After each opening of a new card, you are prompted to place a bet again. The odds will tell you who is closer to winning thanks to the alignment.

Another option is to bet on a combination. You can choose, for example, two pair (the most popular layout), a full house or a flush.

poker holdem, poker 6+

Tips for 6+ Poker

1.Use the spreadsheet and pay attention to the odds
2.Try to start with bets on the winner: it will be difficult to guess the combinations at first
3.Remember that the deck consists of 36 cards, which means that large combinations will appear more often.

Poker 6+ - dymanic and simple game, which will be interesting as for beginners and for experienced gamers and you can play Short-Deck Holdem on our website. Good luck in your poker journey and follow our Instagram to learn more.